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Design transcends agenda. 
It speaks to the politics of optimism.
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Vihara Innovation Network collaboration with Project Concern International and Government of Bihar

Design service delivery interventions and strategic solutions to improve vaccination uptake and service delivery mechanisms to reach the last mile by engaging with hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations.

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Center for Social Design (MICA) collaboration with
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing on the CAPABLE project

Improve internal communication, training and transition to ensure global teams embrace collaborative problem-solving techniques and a unified client-centered approach to effectively serve older adults. 


Social Design Fellowship in collaboration with emocha Mobile Health, patients, care-providers and caregivers

Conduct user research and competitive analysis to design patient-centered experience and deliver qualitative feedback on Direct-to-Consumer opportunities for the product moving forward. 

MICA Thesis in collaboration with students, staff, and counselors across four American Universities

Develop cost and time effective action-based recommendations that assist American higher learning institutes in amending the euro-centric model of education via culturally relevant solutions for international students.


Knowledge management, communications and advocacy with Prerana ATC and victims of human trafficking

Capture and organize decades of Prerana’s work into a digital knowledge-hub producing deliverables on verticals such as publications, research, and advocacy highlighting broader issues of human-trafficking.  


Digital and print deliverables with Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR), project partners and community members

Create development communication products and policy advocacy deliverables via multi-stakeholder engagement and field research for varied thematic areas of the Climate Change Adaptation Project. 

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