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Building anti-trafficking resource center

Communications for development


Digital Media


Knowledge management


Team: Flarantxa Periera, Communications Associate and Project Coordinator; Priti Patkar, Co-founder; Pravin Patkar, Director; and Kashina Kareem, Assistant Director
Project:  Digital Anti-Trafficking Center (ATC)
Role: Communications Manager & ATC Project Lead

Prerana leads the South Asian anti-trafficking movement and works with women and children of Mumbai's red-light areas to end intergenerational prostitution. Its research and advocacy wing – the Anti-Trafficking Center has been critical in shaping the fight against human trafficking and its destination crimes in India. Prerana wanted to capture decades of research, best-practices, learnings, stories, and ongoing policy discourse into a dynamic digital knowledge hub. My role was to lead the portal development, management, content strategy, and dissemination. 

Facilitating the portal conception on meeting with the ATC core team


Build a dynamic digital knowledge hub that captures the essence of Prerana's work in a way that is engaging, accessible, inclusive and evolving.  
Advocacy illustration-01.png
Educate and engage masses through Social Advocacy via News and Digital Media to support the movement for mainstreaming the marginalised.
Design and document the portal and its deliverables for varied readership following the legal documentation policies for vulnerable population.
Create stories and share with NGO directors, government officers, donors and partners globally to take forward the anti-trafficking movement.
Strategy training for staff to expand the reach of the portal


Secondary and Legal Research to understand the definition, current laws, amendments, and ongoing discourse on human-trafficking and it's destination crimes. 
Listening to the stories of the victims of commercial sexual exploitation, child abuse and other vulnerable population via interviews
Semi-structured focus-group discussions with Prerana's project teams to understand their vision, challenges, best-practices and progress. 
Field-visits to the red light areas of Kamathipura and Falkland Road to observe and closely learn about the community culture and challenges. 
Discussing the ATC portal with Mr. Edgard Kagan, the Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy in India


Fight Trafficking has become the advocacy voice of Prerana, and a critical reference point for several stakeholders to know anything around human-trafficking and its destination crimes.
Over 20 publications, case studies, tool-kits, devising best-practices models, such as "Client-centered and trauma informed care".  
Framing research for masses with Infographics on "Understanding Human Trafficking in the current
context" and Red light area mapping. 
Increase in daily engagement around Human-Trafficking on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram through daily engagements and campaigns such as #16daysofactivism and #safetyforvulnerable.
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