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I am a Design Researcher and Strategist. I create solutions for social impact.

I apply human-centered design, sociology, and communications to define complex problems, discover user insights, and co-design holistic outcomes.


I always ask ‘WHY’


I arrive at an unbiased problem definition to build impactful and sustainable solutions.

I question inequity and power


I question my biases and acknowledge larger systems at play.

I create order out of chaos

I facilitate co-creation


I distill tensions, insights and opportunities via synthesis to offer robust recommendations.


I don't direct. I co-create with community partners and stakeholders closest to the challenge.

I use visualisation to tell stories

I listen and empathize


I use data points and visual models to share findings effectively.


I use qualitative and design research methodologies to collaborate and validate.

design research  social innovation 
human centred design  writing

 design strategy   communication design 

 ethnography    facilitation 

systems thinking 

This is how I work

Fiddle with Procreate 
Go on hikes 
Learn French 
Try my hand at photography 
Read, write and introspect
Travel (10 countries and counting)​
Spend time with family & friends

When I am not working

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